Our Departments


Anaesthesiology, is a branch of medicine that allows safe usage of medical drugs to induce a reversible state of total or partial lack of responsiveness to surgical procedures, so that they can be carried out smoothly, without causing any distress and inconvenience to the patient. The Department of Anaesthesiology at Nav Jeevan Hospital uses the most advanced, safe and patient-focused techniques in the delivery of anaesthetic care. Our team of extremely skilled and well-experienced anesthesiologists aims to provide optimum quality patient care not only in the operation theatres but also beyond it by optimizing pre-operative patient status and providing comprehensive patient care during the early post operative period.

Our Critical Care team works seamlessly with the Emergency Services department to deliver time-sensitive assessments, diagnoses, and treatment needed to help those who are in critical condition. They work closely with anesthesiologists, surgeons and other specialists in the hospital to help bring each patient the specific care needed for their condition. We have a set of highly skilled staff and specialized equipment specially designed to provide patients with comprehensive medical care.

Few of the major treatments provided by department are :

• 24 Hours Painless Delivery
• Poisoning
• Burns
• Gastro Enteritis
• Diarrhea
• Bleeding
• Trauma cases